Buddhism Jewelry and What It Means

So many people are now wearing Buddhist jewelry and I am no different, I can’t get enough! So let’s take a look at why and who and what’s it all about. Is it a passing fad or is wearing the likes of Buddha necklaces here to stay? Let’s find out in this helpful post.

Common Meanings of Religious Jewelry

When it comes to tribal and religious jewelry such as Buddhist rings, the bracelets and of course the most popular item the Buddha necklace there needs to be some understanding of the materials used and the spiritual meanings between them all. There’s a big variety of gems and stones as well used in some of the more expensive items of Buddhist jewelry. In the center of the piece is usually a very sacred and often very meaningful symbol and it’s these parts that are said to have the special protective elements.

Cool Buddhism earrings explained

Earrings are a really cool example of Buddhist jewelry because it is said that they will attract good things like divine consciousness of joyful love and of course a blissful feeling. It’s positioning high up on the body next to the most sacred part of the body (the head) means that it’s in direct line with receiving positive vibrations.

Gold is the key to wearing Buddha rings

Yes that’s right, the more bling you have Buddhist style then the more blessed you are going to be. Well not quite but wearing gold does have an impact according to a number of top position monks the world over. Not only does a gold Buddhist ring attract a divine consciousness but it is also said to repel dark vibrations that may be lurking around you!

The Buddha Necklace

Finally let’s get to the most popular of all Buddhist jewelry items, the necklace or pendant. So you will collect some positive energy from the supreme being by wearing it around your neck. But the coolest thing I think is that this Buddha necklace will actually quash the negative vibes that may be on you not just repel them.